Shining the Light on Tokoroa & the South Waikato District

Welcome to Tokoroa Info

Currently the site is receiveing a bit of a refresh new style and more content,

Tokoroa is about as far from the sea as you can get so why the light house?
I like the concept of the shining of a light on our wonderful district.
It also works well with my photographic activities.

Currently all the banner links work, I am still working on the concept and content for the More Button. Most of the banner links will open another website in a new tab.
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More About Me
Timber Town Dawn
UAV Camera Drone
Our New drone
Recently we aquired a DJI Mavic Pro UAV, a very sophisticated Flying Camera capable of 4K Video and stills.
Visit the Photograhy site and see the Scrolling Panoramas possible with this. The Photography site Project page also includes links to videos taken from it
Pokaiwhenua Falls
Image 3
Currently we are involved in promoting the developement of a walkway to the Pokaiwhenua Falls at Lichfield. Soon we will be calling for people to join a Friends of the Pokaiwhenua Society to get a working group to move the idea foward
Tokoroa Weather
Image 4
Our Live Weather Site reports the weather conditions 24x7, it has one of the best forecasts (short and long) for the district.
Recent Events and Updates

Nope Nothing here yet

I will add notes and links here as new things develope.

Added page of UAV shot Videos to Photography.

A number of short video taken with the UAv as part of learning to fly it

DJI Mavic Pro Skin Template.

Download added here free
Projects and diversions
Opps Darn nothing here yet but some thumbnails from my image library