Photo Collection

A collection of my shots from the last 16 years in no particular order
Long shot of Kinleith Mill
My Favourite Local Rock
Pity the wind was so strong would have gotten a better image
Times gone by
An old water tower used to suply steam locos on the Kinleith Branch line many years ago
Dawn in a Timber Town
Tokoroa South Waikato New Zealand
Night Cranes
Fergusson Wharf Auckland
Statue Unkown
Rotorua Muesem
New Zealand Maori Waka, or native canoe. A representation in Plexiglass Rotorua Muesem
How it used to Be
Fake Plate Camera
Lady Knox Pool
A thermal pool feed by a small waterfall adjacent Lady Knox Geyser Waiotapu
Kawautahi Falls
Carnival Ducks